ButterflyLogo1  Welcome to Ingenuity

《To share a memory and an eternal with our mother nature》


 ButterflyLogo1  Engagement with Time

Departure from the ocean city – Kaohsiung

Fluttering! butterfly Kingdom

Seasonal migration happens every year, Taiwan is a native land of butterflies.

Follow! Have a Travel with Butterfly

Share an eternal memory with Mother Nature. Departure from the ocean city - Kaohsiung.

Show! your creativity

Many people had fun in our customize system, and share their colorful inspiration on line.

Fashion! Design and Creative

Let's go for an adventure with artists, watchmakers and designers!

Share! Experience, and Heritage

We expect to have your participation, we can share wonderful experience together!

Future - more Caring, and Sharing

We are a member of our society, we run our business with responsibility.