Quietly it keeps moving

Toward present and future



We try diligently to track all sweet memories

In order to catch the next amazement

With a”Wow”


Design exists in our work

As well as in our life

“Nature” is our choice source –



Blossom as the pigment

Light as the brush

With the flowing of time

We sketch

The moment of engaging with butterfly

Creative ButterflyLogo2 Design ButterflyLogo2 Fashion

Start on a journey

The Grain of Wheat Falls into Ground and Dies, It Bears Much Fruit

                                  - John 12:24

Brand Story - Ingenuity "Engagement with Time"

Taiwan and rest of the world share the same sky, whereas our daily life has a close association with our industries.  When you step out commencing each day, numerous people likewise wear Taiwan-made shoes which once won Taiwan the title of “Kingdom of Shoemaking.”  While you leisurely surf your notebook computer at tea break, have you sensed how powerfully the small chips link people around the world incredibly with no hindrance? In a sudden monsoon to grasp an umbrella, have you realized the umbrella industry had once played an important role in economy being one of the key industries in Taiwan? Taiwan-made products weave a close connection with people all over the world manifesting in every aspect of our life such as eating, clothing, living, and traveling.  Yet you may not perceive the profound cause and history of the industries behind in lifting up your arm to give a simple glimpse of your watch.


By passion for the beauty in nature, mixed with in-depth Oriental fashion, plus loving of earth in an intimate way, we decide to engage with time on a sharing, a memory, or an eternity.  “Engagement with time” is the start design concept of our 12-month Floral Deity series.  Perfect combination of delicate pointers and affluently designed watch face adds to the owner the personal taste elegantly.  The fine art of Taiwan is fully blown by the unique creation in every tiny detail of collaboration from design in watch face, coordination of watch band, and beautifully processed watch case.  Whenever you raise to check the time, arrange your schedule, or rush for an appointment, the stylish Ingenuity watch series share every important moment of your life. Thanks to the exquisite style of 12-month Floral Deity series, it has been fervently promoted to USA, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and Shanghai China.


Butterfly has been all kinds of symbols from the past representing the positive belief such as beauty, transformation, or nature, and it can be traced back to a close historical relation with Taiwan.  Certain butterflies, with specific characteristics to surpass the geographical restriction, would survive winter by flying over ocean; that is truly inspiring. The so-called “butterfly trail” is the route they fly; we too follow such “butterfly trail” to break through our environmental limitation surrounded by sea to pass over the central mountains and steep valleys to become a “butterfly chaser” for people in this land to appreciate and review with us the life experienced together with butterfly.  We look forward to building a brand sharing the good memory and touch in life to dedicate to you.


《Gradually been affirmed from home and abroad

Taiwan OTOP Product Design Innovation Award

◆2013 Flower Angel Watch Series wins “Taiwan OTOP Product and Package Design Award”

awardicon01IF DESIGN AWARD

◆ 2015 Flower Angel Watch Series Package wins “iF Design Award”

awardicon04Golden Pin Design Award

◆ 2013 Flower Angel Watch Series Pcakage wins “Golden Pin Design Award”


Flora Liu

CEO / Creative Director

Chris Liao

Marketing Manager

Jocelyn Ou Yang


Miss Angel

Brand Ambassador